Cisco Lobo Band

The Mighty Lobo Band wanted their own identity, but also to include the established Lobo logo used by the school. This custom 2-color silkscreened design used their new logo and an “aged” look to create a one-of-a-kind hooded sweatshirt.


Hickory Square

We developed a logo and brand identity and followed with a series of ads expressing the caring and love found within the walls of Hickory Square.


Kaufman County Life

Renewed and updated the look of Kaufman County Life, including the addition of KCL Charm—Celebrating women of all stages and ages.


Moscow – FUMC

A multi-touchpoint outreach campaign, designed to reach those who did not have a church home. Postcards, Door hangers, and Posters throughout the community used a connectional message.


Pegasus Lectures, Inc.

Informational posters designed to promote educational products and services for the ultrasound healthcare student or professional.


Simpsonville United Methodist Church

Logo design emphasized the architectural features of the church building, making it easily identifiable in the community.


Tribal Solutions, Inc.

Capabilities inserts for a Parts & Logistics, Manufacturing & Engineering and Communication Electronics Company.

Case Study

UMR Communications, Inc.

Encouraging effective connections was the focus of these two-sided inserts which describe capabilities, feature real-world solutions and customer testimonials. Inserts went into a brochure targeting churches and non-profit organizations.


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