About Us

Erika Dorsey, Owner/Designer Mambo Tango

Erika Dorsey,

Mambo Cat,
Production Mgr

Tango Cat,
Art Director

Erika Dorsey has more than
20 years of experience in the
graphic design and printing
industries, including dealing
with numerous hairballs!
Mambo joined the team in
January of 2012. He brings a
discerning eye and unwavering
creative opinions to the mix
at Hairball Creative.
Always forward-thinking, Tango
joined us in January of 2012.
He’s quick to concentrate on
details, like a few missing
morsels in the food dish.

Hairball Creative – Your catalyst for great design.

Inspired by her two cats, Erika thought it was the perfect name for her business. She feels it’s her calling to use her gifts and talents and help clients that don’t have the luxury of multi-million dollar advertising budgets. She understands that churches, not-for-profit organizations, and small businesses can’t afford big-time agencies to handle their design/prepress/printing needs. She often discovers clients that have a computer with software that can ‘make a brochure’. But that doesn’t mean they know how to create an effective design/brand, or how to achieve a professionally printed piece. They need help. They need hand-holding. They need a partner. Someone who understands. They need Hairball Creative!

With a Communication Arts/Design degree from East Texas State University (Texas A&M-Commerce); prepress experience from Creative Type & Graphics; offset printing experience from Epperson Press; web and digital printing experience from UMR Communications; production experience from Griffith Phillips Creative and RBMM (a division of The Richards Group); and design experience from UMR Communications, Erika has an extensive resume.

Erika has worked with clients such as The Home Depot, Wyndham Hotels, ExxonMobil, Nokia, Atmos Energy, Chick-Fil-A, Baylor Healthcare System, Sotheby’s Realtors, Verizon, Atlantis Resorts, Patron, Greyhound, numerous churches from a variety of denominations, LifeStage Ministries, Jubilee Park, Christ’s Foundry, Wesley Rankin, United Methodist Women, and more.

And, between her two cats, she has more than 35 years combined experience with hairballs!
Contact Erika at info@hairballcreative.com or 214.693.8537.

Our Skills







Logos, brochures, posters, capabilities packages, advertisements, direct mail, magazines, newsletters, trade show materials, packaging, POP, and more. We pride ourselves on building mechanicals the RIGHT way, the FIRST time, with 20+ years of experience making files that print correctly. We can check and fix your files to make sure your press run goes smoothly; things like transparency issues, wrong color modes, fonts and graphics missing, etc.






We love the smell of fresh ink on paper. With experience working for printers, we know how to get an affordable price with the best results. How do you sway customers to feel good about you? We can help develop a strategy and a creative approach to make your brand stand out. Websites. Social Media. Direct Mail. Trade Show Presence. Packaging. Photo Retouching. Greeting Cards. Textbooks. Scrapbooks. We can help you find a solution.