Could not have done it

Ok. I have to admit, I could not have this great website without a wonderful contribution from my friend and colleague, Liz Applegate. She single-handedly took a rough idea of my vision and made it WORK. With 20+ years in the print industry, “web” is not a language I am confident speaking, so that’s why I used my “phone-a-friend”. Thanks so much, Liz!

I found this great article that helps explain the world we Designers live in. My sweet husband understands this all too well! The two “Facts” that seem to are spot-on: #2 Designers and Microsoft Word Don’t Mix  and #3 Designers Don’t keep Office Hours.  I could not have done all I’ve done in my career, and as a freelancer, without his love and support.

Finally, I’d like to thank my customers, who trust me to make it “right.” I am reminded every day how much the details matter. Not to everyone all the time, but they always do to someone, so there is no good reason to cut corners. So when my estimates go out, it is what it is, because I’m going to make it “right.” And I can not do it any other way.

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Erika has been in the industry for more than 25 years. She has a Communication Arts/Design degree from East Texas State University (Texas A&M-Commerce); prepress experience from working at Creative Type & Graphics; offset printing experience from working at Epperson Press; web-offset and digital printing, and direct-mail experience from working at UMR Communications; production experience from working at Griffith Phillips Creative and RBMM (a division of The Richards Group); and design experience from working at UMR Communications, as well as working with her own freelance clients.