Scenery change, but the work continues

As of the end of July, Hairball Creative has moved to Eastland County in Texas.  The scenery out the window is different, but the work to serve my customers continues. Thanks to high-speed internet, I’m able to continue creating, consulting, sharing, and producing amazing design and production files for those that need my help.

For those of you new to Hairball Creative, you might not know that working “on the go” and “remotely”  are nothing new. We like to travel for fun, and use our “condo on wheels,” a 37′ fifth-wheel travel trailer, to do so! So, naturally, being the streamlined organization that we are, I am able to work nearly anywhere, anytime, as long as there is an internet connection, and have been doing this all along. Our business excels at being independently owned and operated. Customers don’t pay for large overhead or fuel/delivery costs, because we don’t need them!

If you have questions regarding, “How do you DO that?” Please contact us!


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Erika has been in the industry for more than 25 years. She has a Communication Arts/Design degree from East Texas State University (Texas A&M-Commerce); prepress experience from working at Creative Type & Graphics; offset printing experience from working at Epperson Press; web-offset and digital printing, and direct-mail experience from working at UMR Communications; production experience from working at Griffith Phillips Creative and RBMM (a division of The Richards Group); and design experience from working at UMR Communications, as well as working with her own freelance clients.